SYNC, PingWest’s flagship annual conference, aims to gather the world’s sharpest minds and hottest startups together in one event. The conference focuses on the knowledge and networks necessary to build leaner, smarter and more disruptive startups.

Join over 300 other visionaries, including global entrepreneurs and investors, in a day of expert panels and fireside chats as well as key networking sessions.



  • 08:00 AM


  • 09:00 AM

    Opening Remark

  • 09:05 AM

    Keynote: Deap Learning: AI via Massive Brain Simulations.

  • 09:35 AM

    Keynote: A City to Be Promised Land for Innovators

  • 09:55 AM

    Panel Discussion: Sharing Economy: Community and Technology

  • 10:35 AM

    Fireside Chat: Designed to Be Wearable

  • 10:55 AM

    Panel Discussion: Internet of Things, Get Connected

  • 11:35 AM

    Fireside Chat: A Powerful Expansion of Your Hands and Minds

  • 12:05 PM

    Fireside Chat: Sexy or unSexy Investment in Early Stages

  • 02:00 PM

    Opening Remark & Speech by ISC ( Internet Society of China )

  • 02:20 PM

    Fireside Chat: From Zero to Million Installs

  • 02:45 PM

    Keynote: The Payment System on China's Largest Social Network

  • 03:05 PM

    Panel Discussion: Why Shenzhen Matters for Hardware Startups?

  • 03:45 PM

    Break & Pitch Time

  • 03:55 PM

    Showcase: How do Silicon Valley Companies Survive in China?

  • 04:45 PM

    Keynote: Going Mobile: Evolution of China's Top Online Trip Giant

  • 05:05 PM

    Panel Discussion: VC is a Truly Local Business, but How to Invest Cross-border in US and China