SYNC is an annual event that bringing together international exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and others from each side of the Pacific. It's a forum for dynamic discussion and exchange of knowledge, insights, and opportunities on the things that will matter most in technology and innovation, not just for tomorrow, but for years to come.

Since 2013, SYNC has successfully held six events in San Francisco, becoming one of the most influential event brands in the world, and bringing together a large number of outstanding practitioners, investors and cross-border talents. SYNC 2019 continues to give you the most cutting-edge whimsy and the most authentic global entrepreneurial news.

Southeast Asia is in the southeast of Asia, near the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is in the “intersection” of Asia and Oceania, as well as the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It has been long important for maritime transportation since ancient times. Nowadays, China‘s financial and science and technology enterprises regard Singapore as the first stop or transit station in Southeast Asia, mainly because of its strong financial capacities and comprehensive leading advantages in various fields. When the development experience becomes mature, it can be gradually extended to Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and other emerging markets.

SYNC came to Singapore again to invite experts, pioneers and explorers from the financial and technological industries to explore the achievements of the new economic development and the prospects of technological empowerment for people's livelihood.

If you are interested in speaking at our event or becoming one of our exhibitors, please kindly send an email to cissy@pingwest.com and zhangkeshu@pingwest.com


Jidong Chen

General Manager of ZOLOZ

Francois Hribovsek

Francois Hribovsek-Visa's Head of Digital Partnerships & Solutions for Southeast Asia

Prof. Zhu Feida

Associate Professor, Singapore Management University

Jackal Ma

Tongdun Technology,Co-founder and partner

Sunny Liang

VP of ZEGO Technology

Derek Wang

Country Manager of Alibaba Cloud Singapore

Emma Cui

CFA,CEO of LongHash Singapore

Kelvin Tan

Director,Corporate Partnerships,NUS Enterprise

John Ge

Matrixport CEO

Ivan W Ng

NavInfo DataTech COO