PingWest has hosted its brand events “SYNC” in SF, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Bali and London, provoking ideas and opinions from top-tier change makers and innovators from all around the world.

It’s 4th times in SF already, making SYNC one of the most influential tech events in the Bay Area, enjoyed by the most outstanding entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders. This year, we will be bringing you SYNC 2016: The Beyond, along with our favorite cutting-edge products and crazy ideas.



  • 10:00 AM

    Opening Remarks

  • 10:10 AM

    Keynote:New Energy in Space

  • 10:40 AM

    Keynote:New Era of Computer Vision

  • 11:00 AM

    Keynote:Everyday Life Powered by Deep Learning

  • 11:20 AM

    Fireside Chat:Self-driving Car Technology in China and U.S.

  • 11:50 AM

    Keynote:Transform Transportation

  • 12:10 PM

    Startup Showcase: Audacy

  • 01:20 PM

    Keynote:Stories of Rotten Tomatoes

  • 01:50 PM

    Fireside Chat:Powered by Crowdfunding

  • 02:20 PM

    Fireside Chat:cross-border online education

  • 02:50 PM

    Fireside Chat:Innovation Ecosystems: Bridging the Gap between China & Silicon Valley

  • 03:20 PM

    Keynote:Data mining in China

  • 03:40 PM

    Panel:Big Data and Cloud Computing

  • 04:10 PM

    Fireside Chat:Top Smart Money VC Investing in Cross-Border Business

  • 04:30 PM

    Panel:Investment Opportunities Beyond Border

  • 04:30 PM

    Fireside chat:

  • 05:00 PM