SYNC, PingWest's flagship annual conference, aims to gather the world's sharpest minds and hottest startups together in one event. The conference focuses on the knowledge and networks necessary to build leaner, smarter and more disruptive startups.

Join over 300 other visionaries, including global entrepreneurs and investors, in a day of expert panels and fireside chats as well as key networking sessions.



  • 02:00 PM

    Opening Remarks

  • 02:05 PM

    Fireside Chat: 3 Years in China: What Evernote Has Learned

  • 02:25 PM

    Fireside Chat: Internet and Innovation in China

  • 02:45 PM

    How can U.S. Tech Companies Crack the China Marke

  • 03:45 PM

    How will Chinese Users Change the World

  • 04:00 PM

    The Dark Side of China Market

  • 04:15 PM

    Empower the Cross-border Business

  • 04:35 PM

    Journey to the East, Push or Pull?

  • 04:50 PM

    Keynote: Watsi and the Future of Philanthropy

  • 05:05 PM

    Panel: Cross-border Investment Opportunities

  • 05:35 PM

    Aligning Strategies with Your investors & Partners

  • 05:50 PM

    Raffle Time